All Sihanoukville Hotels

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1st   Sokha Beach Resort Street 2 Thnou, Sangkat 4, Mittapheap District Check Prices
2nd   Independence Hotel, Resort & Spa Street 2 Thnou, Sangkat 3, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
3rd   Coolabah Resort Sihanoukville 14 Mithona Street, Ochheuteal Beach Road Check Prices
4th   La Reserve Hotel Sihanoukville Phum 3, Sangkat 3, Mittapheap Check Prices
5th   Grand Sihanouk Ville Hotel 23 Tola Street, Ochauteal Check Prices
6th   Aqua Resort Sihanoukville Polaway Street (formerly Kanda St) Check Prices
7th   Beach Road Hotel Serendipity Road, Mondul 4, Sangkat 4, Khan Mittapheap, Check Prices
8th   Golden Sand Hotel Sihanoukville St.23 Tola,Modol 4,Khan Mittapheap Sihanouk Ville,Kingdom of Cambodia. Check Prices
9th   Seaside Hotel Sihanoukville 14 Mithona Street, Ochheuteal Beach, Sangkat 4 Check Prices
10th   Holiday Hotel Sihanoukville St 23 Tola, Mondol 4, Sangkat 4, Khan Mittapheap, Ochheuteal Block Check Prices
11th   Golden Rooster Resort Victory Hill Check Prices
12th   Chhe Chulsa Hotel No.015, Eakreach St, Sangkat 4 Check Prices
13th   Le Papillon D'or 402 Victory Hill Check Prices
14th   Whiskey Guesthouse 358 ekareach street Check Prices
15th   White Beach Hotel #414 St. 14 Mithona Check Prices
17th   Ocean Walk Inn Serendipity Beach Road Check Prices
18th   Good Day Guesthouse No. 76, Street 7 Makara, Sangkat 4 Check Prices
19th   Malibu Bungalows Resort Sihanoukville Sokha Beach, Mondal 4, Sangkat 4 Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
20th   Beach Club Resort 23rd Tola Street Check Prices
22nd   Peak Hotel & Resort Eakreach Beach Check Prices
23rd   Golden Sea Hotel & Casino Ekareach Street Check Prices
24th   Picnic Resort National Road 4, PK135, Boeung Trach Village Check Prices
25th   Boston Inn Ekareach Street, Village 1, Sangkat 2, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
26th   Gold Lion St. Freedom, In the west of Two Lions Round, Central - Downtown Check Prices
27th   Green Mood Guesthouse Victory Hill Check Prices
28th   Holiday Palace Resort Sihanoukville Krong Street (Victory Beach Road) Check Prices
29th   GST 3 Guest House Serendipity Beach Road Check Prices
32nd   Jasmine Hotel Sihanoukville 14 Mithona Streeet Check Prices
33rd   Lucky Bungalows Sangkat 4, Group 4, Mondule 4, 23 Tola Street Check Prices
34th   Markara Guest House 14 Mithona St., Occheuteal Beach Check Prices
35th   House of Malibu Serendipity Beach Check Prices
36th   Ponleu Reas Thmey Hotel 23 Tola Street, Mondul 4 Check Prices
37th   Bacchus Guest House 14 Mithona Street Check Prices
38th   Chhne Chulsa Hotel No.015 Eakreach Street Sangkat 4 Check Prices
40th   Don Bosco Hotel School Street Ou-Pram Check Prices
42nd   Cinderella Golden Lodge Serendipity Beach Road (opposite Monkey Republic) Check Prices
43rd   Koh Thmei Resort Koh Thmei Island, Ream National Park Check Prices
44th   Marina Hotel Sihanoukville N0. 445, Ekareach Street, Mondul 3, Sangkat 3, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
46th   Mohachai Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
47th   Coaster's Serendipity Beach Check Prices
48th   Orchidee Guest House Ochheuteal No 23 Tola Street Check Prices
49th   Sea View Villa Serendipity Road Check Prices
50th   Crystal Hotel Sihanoukville Mithona Street, Ochheuteal Beach Check Prices
52nd   Motel 7 14 Mithona Street Check Prices
53rd   The Mango Rooms Serendipity Beach Check Prices
54th   Serendipity Beach Resort 8 Serendipity Beach Road Check Prices
55th   Divers Inc Hotel Group 25, Phoum 3, Sangkat 3 Check Prices
56th   Fortuna Casino & Hotel 2 Thnou Street, Khan Mittapheap, Sangkat 04 Check Prices
57th   Guesthouse Swissgarden Mittahapeap 2 Sangkat 4, Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach Check Prices
58th   Ramada Sihanoukville Hotel & Resort Group 1 Center 1 Mittapheap Check Prices
59th   New Beach Hotel and Restaurant Vithey Phe, Phnoum mondol 3 Check Prices
60th   Gekko Guesthouse 23 Tola Street Check Prices
61st   King Gold Hotel Sihanoukville Street Borey Kamakor, Sihanouk ville Ce Te Stree, Infront of Chinese School Check Prices
62nd   Koh Takiev Hotel 108st, 1 village, Sangkat 2,Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
63rd   Sunday Guest House No 16 Street Sereypheap, Sangkat 4, Khan Mittaphea Check Prices
64th   Sea Star Guesthouse 7 Makara Street Sangkat 2 behind Total Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
65th   Ponleu Phkay Thmey Guesthouse 108 Street, Village 1, Sangkat 2, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
67th   Keara Guesthouse Ekareach Street, Group 2, Phum 4, Sangkat 4, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
68th   Reef Resort Serendipity Beach Road Check Prices
69th   Khmer Broneth Resort Phum1, Sangkat III Check Prices
70th   Tranquility Guesthouse Serendipity Beach Check Prices
71st   Koh Pos Guesthouse Village 4, Sangkat 4, Ochheutel Area Check Prices
72nd   Nasa Guesthouse Ekareach St, Near 2Lion Round about, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
73rd   Hang Pich Guesthouse 19 Mithuna street, village 1, Sangkat 3, Khan mittapheap Check Prices
74th   Papagayo Guest House 1 kanda Street Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
75th   Sou Ching Hotel Ekareach St., Quarter 03 Check Prices
76th   Rinbunla Guesthouse 391, Ekereach street, Sangkat 3, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
77th   Golden Angkor Guesthouse Ekareach Street, Group 6, Village 6, Khan Mittapheap Check Prices
78th   Marina Villa Sihanoukville 19 Mithona street, Victory Hill Check Prices
79th   Cambodian Resort Polowai Street Check Prices
80th   The Cove Beach Bungalows Serendipity Beach Check Prices
81st   Victory Beach Hotel Victory Beach Sangkat 3 Check Prices
83rd   Apsara Guesthouse Street 23 Tola, Sihanouk ville, Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach Check Prices
84th   Big John's Chil-axn Hostel # 360 Ekareach St. Victory Hill, Village 3, Sangkat 3 Check Prices
85th   Cheers Cambodia Resort #129 Street Borey Kamakor Sangkat 3 Check Prices
86th   Chhner Molop Chrey Bungalow Victory Beach, next to Chney Molop Chhrey Seafood Restaurant Check Prices
87th   Chhouk Meas Guesthouse Kamakor Street, Group 3, Village 3, Sangkat 2 Check Prices
88th   DD Mark II Guesthouse Group 5, Phum 3, Sangkat 2, Sihanouk Province Check Prices
89th   Diver Inc Hotel Group 3 Village 3 Sangkat 3 Sihanoukville Check Prices
90th   Li Ming Guesthouse No.204, St Ekareach, Sangkat 2, Sihanouk Ville, Central - Downtown Check Prices
91st   Little Princess Guesthouse 2 Thnou Street Victory Beaches Check Prices
92nd   Makara Bungalow St. Preah Lumhei Phumin, Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach Check Prices
93rd   Mealy Chenda Guesthouse SangKat 3 Mondol 3 ,Sihaknouk Ville, Victory Beaches Check Prices
94th   Mick and Craig's Guesthouse Serendipity Beach, Near the Golden Lions Check Prices
95th   Mushroom Point Otres Beach Check Prices
96th   New Seaview Villa Sihanoukville Serendipity Beach Road Check Prices
97th   OC Boutique Hotel Street 23 tola, Sangkat 4, Ocheuteal beach Check Prices
98th   Okynava Thmei Guesthouse Group 1, Sangkat 4, Khan Mittapheap, Sihanouk Ville Check Prices
99th   Phka Champey Guesthouse Polowai Street, Ochhuerteal Beach Area Check Prices
100th   Sakal Bungalows Krong Street, Victory Beaches Check Prices